New conditions for cooperation

Kurtukovs Supply Chain analytics oriented to promote Data-to-THINK (DTT) analytical system development. Therefore, the company offers the following conditions for cooperation:

  • Fixed monthly payment started from 1500 EUR/month. For this payment you will receive a development of DTT type analytical system WITHOUT LIMITATION with CLEAR DEFINED purpose and targets. Development can be based on existing client software, other programs or free alternatives. The contract must be signed for no less than two years.
  • For the second year, once per month/quarter, the payment will be equal to 7-10% of the ACTUAL financial difference compared to the financial results of previous years. If you have an additional profit in May 2024 of EUR 100000 over May 2023, your additional payment in May 2024 will be EUR 7000-10000. No extra benefit, no extra payment.

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