Think out of the box

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Happy New Year

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My family team is ready for 2020. We are ready for all the best. And we wish the same also for everybody.


Freelancer is more challenge than expected.

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I faced a lot of challenges then started 100 % freelancer. First and more important – your income completely depends on you. And, in some cases, you have to fight for your job results. Never do something good before discussing price. Rare customer will pay and even discuss additional payments.

New business activity

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I had been accepted as Supply Chain Project Manager in Papyrus Group. Papyrus Group has branches in 22 EU countries.

My family

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My wife and little son.


My wife is experienced bookkeeper.  We together 13 years and I we sill love each other.

My son simply the BEST kid in the world but we hope not last.

Accepted in Nordea Business school

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I had been accepted to Nordea Business school with my Business Idea.

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LIAA Newsflash | September 2011

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Latest news about Latvia business:


LIAA Newsflash | September 2011

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My company discount coupon

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Dear friends,

I would like to offer you special discount for Ms Excel programming service.

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My personal business consulting company

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My personal consulting company:

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