What are the real costs of delays in HIGH-QUALITY DATA PROVIDING and ANALYTICS?

Currently, all companies have good, big ERP and/or CRM. And it is good. But all these huge systems have incredibly inefficient and inflexible data and reporting systems. In case of emergency in your business, you will receive needed new data or new report in a best-case during a week. But, afterward, you need to make analyze, find solutions, and plan activities. And in a big company, it additionally requests probably a week. In total after 2 weeks, you are in a status of decision-making. These 2 weeks delay theoretically can make you Sales and Profit losses in the future because of delays in final decision-making.

Undervaluation of good analysts, good BI platforms, alternative analytic databases may cost you much. In the current situation, you need TRUSTFUL information very FAST. All these analytical things are necessary to combine with good RISKS and CONSTRAINS prediction system, Forecasting, and Long-term/Short-term planning.


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