Manager or Leader

Why we have so much Managers but small Leaders? Difference is incredible. It is rare case you one person combine both manager and leader. We all know these peoples.

At first – the most companies need really managers by companies policies. Very easy – demand / supply. This is one of important topic in job interview. Recruiters very quickly understands who you are. Managers usually afraid leaders and never offer a job.

Second – it is enough to receive good theoretical education or get experience to become a manager. For some peoples even management is too difficult, and this is normal. But, what is necessary become a Leader? From my point of view the most important is – you have to be managed or mentored by excellent manager or leader for a long period of time. Not short online courses, video on YouTube or TED! Can you remember ones in you career? Very small amount of peoples can “understand” or “feel” leadership by themselves.

I’m lucky because I have had these persons in my life as an employee and as a freelancer. I understand how it is very difficult to be a leader!

Who are you? Have you good Manager or Leader in you career?


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